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Kagro in the Morning - January 23, 2017

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David Waldman wisely chose the World Wide Web to distribute today’s KITM, thus guaranteeing the largest audience, ever, to witness a political blog show. Period

Since last week’s show we had a teeny weenie inauguration of the giant red tie wrapped loser, then on Saturday the world stood for women and that was pretty glorious. (Sean Spicer is a loon.)

To start off this week Greg Dworkin tells us that first we need to stop waiting for Trump to make sense. Donald P. Trump is here to destroy norms and be a chaos agent.

The traditional way of reporting is dead. First, the White House is for beginners. The pros need to go outside and do their jobs. Learn from veteran reporters that have had to suffer this around the world

Trump paid actors to fill the room when he announced his run for president a year ago. Just think of what we will find out a year from now, a year too late! Donald has not yet resigned from his companies. You aren’t going to see his taxes. His sidestepping conflict-of-interests through advisors worries ethics experts. Release the slew of lawsuits!

Trump will retain his private intelligence and security force. David has an alternative theory. U.S. spies fear our allies will stop sharing their intel with us.

Don’t worry about what Trump says, worry about what he does. This weekend we got to see his character in action.


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