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Thursday. Another day, another flood of evidence impeaching Donald Trump. Another day we need David Waldman and Greg Dworkin to distill and clarify:

So far no one has shouted “Objection! Your Honor” or “Overruled. Proceed.” and yet even Matt Gaetz has been impressed with how the Democrats made their case. Republican Senators would be so impressed if they attended, or attended to, the trial. Senator Mike Braun hasn’t even attended to the last few years. It could have been worse, but a couple of Republicans needed it to look fair.

Support for removing Trump exceeds his support. A lot of his base knows Trump broke the law, but wish that no one else did.  Most Americans however want witness testimony. A majority of Americans know Trump broke the law, and most want his removal.

White voters are polarizing on class, people of color are managing to avoid that.

Oh, if only we could go back, start over and pretend this never happened, but alas, that isn’t happening. No one is overturning the election. That is one of those lies, that if you debunk it, you end up spreading it. Donald Trump lies and lies and lies, but, he just said he didn’t so maybe… No, he lies. And who can blame him?  When has lying ever let him down? The White House Memo relies four times on the Sondland call where Trump said, "I want no quid pro quo." That never happened. There is proof it didn’t happen. But, who are you going to believe?

Trump’s legal rebuttal to the House's impeachment case avoided the truth whenever possible. The White House brief’s attached OLC memo says that subpoenas issued prior to 10/31/19 are invalid because there was not a formal impeachment inquiry vote. In fact, the White House argues that a conviction could be "unconstitutional" because of the way the House's articles are written. David explores how any of that could be considered true.

The whole Trump clan didn’t hesitate to glom onto any grift they could from the first second of Dad’s inauguration.

Is it too late to impeach Ronald Reagan? How about charging him with treason?

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