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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 24, 2014

The morning's news swirl included Mike Huckabee insisting that women needed to control their libidos, even as Dick Black has been saying it'd be impossible for men to do so. Because "nighties." Greg Dworkin rounds up the day's Christie news and polling, Ryan Cooper's "The tea party and the structure of American government," Beinert on Rand Paul, two from Sarah Kliff tracking ACA news. We gave in to the temptation to take yet another look at the Richard Sherman story, once again comparing his bravado to that of, say, "successful" businessmen and tech bros. Very Serious News interview interrupted for a Bieber update! "Miami Beach mayor: Take your tech start-up gospel and shove it." And a theme emerges, as we continued into "When companies break the law and people pay: The scary lesson of the Google Bus." One of those rare items that seems like it'll be minor, but ends up encompassing Everything In The Entire World.