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Friday, Day 3, the final day of opening arguments in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. David Waldman has us pass in our fidget spinners and pay attention, this is important stuff.

Yesterday Adam Schiff soared ever higher in a plea for truth, justice and the American way. In counterpoint, Trump forces asserted their innocence with promises of heads on pikes, and Trump shouting at henchman Igor to take Marie Yovanovitch out.  Lev Parnas is so untrustworthy that he was repeatedly in contact with a top aide to the ranking republican on the House Intel Committee. Besides, Ronald Reagan did it all too, maybe worse, and he’s beloved!

Today is the last day to dislodge Trump before Republicans attempt to stuff him back in. Much of the Democratic strategy is to preemptively refute the steaming pile of Republican narrative. Did Nancy Pelosi buy Dems time to get their case together?

Saudi Arabia sawed a journalist and hacked Jeff Bezos. Then, Trump sent them troops. Today it’s business as usual... and funny business as usual.

Ivanka moved a lot of money through Iran, lining the pockets of some guy named SoleimaniA Soviet counterintelligence officer exited the June 2016 Trump tower meeting with Don Jr., picked up half a million bucks on his way out, and opened up his own Anti-Defamation League. If you want to talk real money however, check out what FIFA passes around.

Surprise — the leader of an American neo-Nazi terror group is tight with Russians.

Oops —  the opioid crisis isn’t a “public health emergency” anymore.

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