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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 26, 2016


Even with snow piled high, school cancelled for days, and the food running out, David Waldman is ready for today’’s KITM show. He has even had plenty of time to work on his 4000 word essay “All Work and No Play Makes Dave a Dull Boy.”

Greg Dworkin stayed warm watching the Democratic Town Hall Forum last night. Hillary Clinton talked about the experience she’s bringing to the table. Bernie Sanders talked about the new ideas that he brings. Friends and Aids of President Obama begin to form behind Hillary Clinton. Traditionally, the winner of the nomination steals the best ideas of the vanquished, which Greg assures us is a feature, not a bug.

Going into Iowa and New Hampshire, the Republicans now lead with their most unpalatable players.  Will voters judge on substance, style, who will win, or just who has the best chance of making team D lose?

Indiana Governor Mike Pence decided not to run for president right after he made the decision to lose at least $60B for the state cracking down on the LGBTQ, and John Kasich may soon regret using cronyism and graft to raise Ohio’s wealth. Even so, Kasich just got an endorsement from the Boston Globe, who previously boosted John Huntsman to untold heights.

Armando calls in for his review of the Democratic Town Hall Forum, and continued his analysis, and criticism of Bernie Sanders’ stand on gun industry immunity

News of the Renton Theater shooter somehow feeds the concept that people would gain safety from wearing a gun.

Militiaman adds gravitas to the Oregon debate by challenging Chris Christie to a Sumo Wrestling match deciding the fate of the constitution.

Anti-abortion activists are indicted for Planned Parenthood sting. Karma supporters rejoice.

Little kids breathing out of respirators sounds bad, but it's a small price for libertyFlint children never had a fair shot, even before lead poisoning. The rich have enough to worry about with all of the noise, noise, noise.

Donald Trump admires people who may be more stupid, crazy, and bigoted than he is, as proven by science.