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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 27, 2017

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Look, David and I have better things to do.  

At least, that is what our families tell us each month when the bills roll around, and we talk about college, medical bills, retirement, a piece of the ceiling falling down because of some leak in our daughter’s ceiling… stuff like that. Money could make our world go around a lot smoother, and allow us to help keep us sane a little bit longer.

It’s easy!

David Waldman welcomes us to Connect-The-Dots Friday:

We survive the end of “Week One” for a fat-ass Dumb Baby, uninterested in governing, or even being a real President. In fact, his Day One moves were just copied from Mitt Romney’s playbook. He uses his time and the force of the United States Government to stroke his ego, and prove to all how much he is loved. At the same time, his staff destroys Democratic (and democratic) opposition, strangles accountability and access to the press, and eliminates all staff with foreign policy knowledge.

Week Two he plans to meet with “V. Putin” and will lift Russian sanctions. Week Two!

So. Is Donald Trump a puppet or no puppet? Holy crap look at this Rachel Maddow segment. Once you catch your breath, now keep in mind that the Trump campaign already used Military-grade data gathering and PsyOps on you. Trump knows you better than you know yourself, because you cheerfully told him everything. Well, not just him, but Vladimir Putin too. Have a great weekend!