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Kagro in the Morning - January 4, 2016

David Waldman assists the violent separatists uprising against the United States government in Oregon get the word out of their true intentions, even as the traditional media maligns them as “peaceful protestors”.

Armando calls in to help point and and laugh, but also points out more sobering parallels between this and to how the Tamir Rice case was handled.

David digs deep into the mountain of Gimmetarian derp surrounding the story, and the conflicting claims at the scene. The Bundys are back, but anti-government rebellions, with the collection of free stuff is the way of life for many.

Meanwhile, there’s a new open carry gun law in Texas. David looks into that, as well as the story of a guy that accidentally shot a hole in his door (claiming to still correctly aim on purpose, however). This inspires him to advocate keeping careless and stupid away from guns.

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