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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 6, 2015

Greg Dworkin's roundup: Americans not feeling the change; Gop abandoning its "40 hour" bait & switch; McConnell takes over in the Senate; dropping oil prices; closing GTMO; Huckabee-mentum; Harvard Ideas on Health Care Hit Home, Hard. We discuss some of the lesser-known mechanics of convening a new Congress, starting with the designation of the Dean of the House. Chris Moody's list of "Don'ts" for new Members. The Speaker race. Explainer: Gop still won't let delegates vote. Armando shows up to claim due credit for his focus on Chris Christie yesterday. Seems we have an issue! What do you do when a friend brings a gun to your party? Screw all regulations, ever! Permit-less pavilion built for woman killed in GunFAIL collapses in high winds. David Duke's platform is now Louisiana's mainstream.