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Kagro in the Morning - January 6, 2015

Donald Trump finally has worthy competition, that is if the Bundy Cowliphate makes the decision to run in 2016. Today David Waldman covers all that, #gunFAIL and even more ignoramuses and idiocy.

Greg Dworkin reports that President Obama, getting tired of all of this, introduced new executive actions on guns. The Gop did what the Gop does. Still, times are changing,  and voters will be voting.

Greg and David look into the history of Trumpism. Will Trump hugely lose by just not winning? Will electability finally beat anger? How will anger take losing? Donald is worried for Ted, and his birthplace and stuff. Birthers have a problem with 4 Republican candidates.  

Joan McCarter asks you to just guess what’ll be the first vote by the Republican House in 2016. The House Republicans also ready a Volkswagen bailout vote. The Obama administration has its own priorities for its last year.  

Those armed Oregon ranchers who want free land are already getting a 93% discount, their heroes are poachers, arsonists, maybe more

Your house or apartment wall or floor is not a safe direction to aim your gun, nor is your head.

Rep. Renee Ellmers is a concealed carrier with a problem concealing her weapons. Concealment is not so tough, really.

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