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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 7, 2015

Top of the headlines this morning: terrorist attacks on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and also at the Colorado Springs offices of the NAACP. Greg Dworkin rounds up a wide range of stories. Sleds, not open carry guns, banned. Fallout & follow-up on the Speaker's race. The world learns who Kirby Delauter is, and then makes fun of him. SCOTUS & the fate of the ACA. The arcana of defining full-time work. Congress kicks off with Volker rule repeal & undermining Social Security. VT still working on getting a governor. Christie continues being toast. Armando comments on events in Paris, Kirby Delauter's confusion, dynamic budget scoring, and gets his daily licks in on Christie. A closer & more critical reading of Mick Mulvaney's fascinating narrative on his vote for Boehner. Lindsey Graham does another extremely weird thing. More detail on the Walmart shooting: the purse & the gun tell us more about what was going on.