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Kagro in the Morning - January 9, 2017

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KITM show business legend David Waldman wants you to look into his heart, but don’t get too close, he has some sort of bug.

In a sophisticated tie-in, Greg Dworkin reminds us it is flu season. Barack H. Obama, J.D. reminds us that it is a good thing we have insurance. Remember, when it comes to anything, anyone that promises you everything is lying. With that in mind, here is the real story of Obamacare's birth, and here is a big list of what the new administration isn’t going to be telling you. Physicians are feeling this instability as much as anyone, so dissent roils the AMA, the nation’s largest doctor’s (not necessarily patient’s) group.

Ready or not, Republicans say cabinet hearings will begin tuesday, although it is the Republicans that don’t really seem ready.

During the election, Anti-Trump authors and pundits were catfished. You got to hope that the people involved get into a lot of trouble. Donald Trump's son-in-law assured people privately not to believe that crap he says.

You heard it here first. The Alt-Right is a sex cult. Now you can read the well-hyperlinked Vox explainer on how online communities prey on male insecurity, radicalizing insecure men far and wide.

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