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Well, Donald Trump did stumble over to the brink of war for a while, but once his dilated pupils managed to focus on the abyss, Donald stumbled back away.

Today, David Waldman is back behind the KITM microphone, joined by Greg Dworkin, microphone sans-sobriquet, for the ol’ Thursday catch-up:

Yesterday, Trump doteled up to a podium to dote more dotardly than any president in history (sniff). Winning! Unless, of course you are the kind that considers things more than 30 seconds into the future or past. Those people are calledterrorist lovers.” Tulsi Gabbard says, “Ayatollah what would happen”! The security briefing following that got even worse reviews, inspiring the usual Republican disarray.

Negative partisanship is a positive thing for Democrats. More than a billion dollars so far have gone to ActBlue to help solve all of this at the ballot box. Speaking of money, Mike Bloomberg is up there with Biden and Bernie polling ahead of Trump going into Michigan

Ahead of that ballot box, Moscow Mitch is tired of being forced to wait so long to not exonerate his boss. Some Democrats aren’t sure what to think, ever. While we’re waiting, let’s take a look at Roger Stone’s FBI records. And, If John Bolton wants a subpoena now, the House has one they can fish out of the wastebasket. Steven Mnuchin doesn’t want you to hear how much Trump’s golf trips cost, it would just make you angry.

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