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Kagro in the Morning - July 1, 2014

Like most of the country, we're still reeling from yesterday's terrible Supreme Court gimmetarian decisions. Greg Dworkin brought us some highlights from the commentary: states may have more to say about birth control coverage, an attempt to walk the middle path, and a proposal to make oral birth control available over the counter. Twitter mistakes SCOTUSBlog for the actual SCOTUS. Maine's governor goes rogue. WSJ says biz groups awaken to find Republicans have run away from them. So, third party? Emerging rivalry between ISIS & AQ, dreams of a caliphate, and waiting for an Arab Summer. Afterwards, a little checks & balances chat. What's so "narrow" about Hobby Lobby? Updates on gun show GunFAILs, and a responsible gun owner so law-abiding, he says if a new law mandates he shoot responsibly, he'll disobey it, for freedom. An update to yesterday's Inouye story from our ears in Hawaii, Judy Vincent. Lauren Mayer's "Keep Your Hobby Lobby (Away From My Va-jayjay)." And it didn't take long, but the long gun open carry protest movement has brought out the racists.

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