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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 11, 2016

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David Waldman catches us up on last week’s ridiculous tragedies, and looks forward to the future fiasco at the RNC convention in Cleveland.

Greg Dworkin believes this is a good time to review Soledad O'Brien’s thoughts on “The Talk”. New evidence shows bias in police use of force but not when they eventually get around to shooting.

So, will there be Trump-Pence blaring in Cleveland this weekend? Pence makes ¢ for fair-trade. Mike Pence is probably getting tired of hanging around Indiana anymore. Cleveland will be fun to watch (at a distance).  Republicans can blame themselves. Clinton and Trump are unpopular, only one is a threat, and only one is winning. There are gender dynamics here. The bros aren’t so cheery this week.

What’s so special about Ohio? Is the frustration with journalists a disconnect between the expectations of audience and journalists, but to the lack of power that audiences feel in regard to their elected representatives?

But what about Newt for VP? Maybe a book tour in ‘17? Who else can protect us from electromagnetic pulses? Can #NeverTrump pick the vice president

Philando Castile was pulled over by police 52 times, and complied 52 times.

The Dallas gunman took “self defense” classes at the Academy of Combative Warrior Arts.