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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 12, 2016

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David Waldman fits the show in-between his kid’s camp schedules, the unification of Sanders & Clinton, and the beginning of the end of Mike Pence’s political career. Lickspittle Chris Christie will likely be allowed to continue on as Trump’s cringing flunky.

Greg Dworkin calls in to bring us all sorts of news, and helps us all figure out what the heck is going on. The Republican platform takes a stand against co-habitation and grey wolves. Perhaps misunderstanding the issue, the Gop warns against the health risk of unintended discharges. The party’s biggest problem is its voters. A lot of Gop operatives are missing out on experiencing Cleveland in the summertime, and seem happy about it.

Will the Trumpster fire burn down the Gop house and senate? The Gop ground game just isn’t there. Clinton’s lead extends to white voters with college degreesTrumpster fires make good commercials, though.

Is America falling apart or waking up? Who is trying to unite the country, who is trying to divide it? American public’s views of both Islam and Muslims have become more favorable. Dallas is what a ‘2nd Amendment remedy’ would look like. Is it worth it for a gay Gop delegate to plead with the party to soften its stance on marriage?

A Jerry Sandusky accuser says he told Joe Paterno about a shower assault in 1976. More women come out on Roger Ailes charges. Maybe the IRS will investigate the Von Clownstick purchase of a Tim Tebow helmet with money meant for charity

Three north Alabama counties rank the highest in the US for accidental shooting deaths.

And all of that was just half of the KITM show today! David also talks to Mark Gersh from the National Committee for an Effective Congress. Topics include open vs. closed primaries, Gerrymandering and citizen involvement, the Democratic Study Group, and of course, Donald Trump.