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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 14, 2021

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David Waldman opens today’s KITM thanking all you out there. Not just you patreons, but those that deliver talent, time, and ears to us each day! Also, Donald Trump. Where would we be without him? Oh, we’d probably think of something to talk about.

Without Trump, Greg Dworkin might have had less to say on COVID-19, but probably not. Red states and blue states might still be diverging on their handling of the pandemic and acceptance of masking and vaccines. People would be lied to, and people would regret believing the lies.

Some people want to believe lies. The GQP would have catered to them without Trump, but with Trump there is greater focus. Truth has always weighed down culture warriors, and fascists, and is of course, the first casualty of this war.

For authors, Donald Trump is gold, and the rush is on. Without Trump, we’d all have to talk about Ken Starr, who is as sleazy as Trump, but as sanctimonious as Mike Pence, and maybe ickier than both.

There is some non-Donald news, sort of. Stephen M. Calk arranged for $16 million in loans to Paul Manafort in order to get a job as secretary of the Army. The guys who planned to kidnap and kill Governor Gretchen Whitmer would hate to have their cop-killing locker room talk played to a jury. A judge spanked team Kraken, but they still might get away with it.

Remember when the big lie was climate change denial? California anticipates nearly all salmon in the Sacramento River will die from the heat. The EU proposes an internal combustion engine ban from 2035.

Senate Democrats landed on a $3.5 Trillion reconciliation infrastructure proposalCollins, Murkowski, Manchin and Sinema will say things, but that’s different than doing things.