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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 15, 2016

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David Waldman continues to pine for the camaraderie and conversation at Netroots Nation. If you too would like to pretend you’re hanging with the smart crowd in St. Louis, MO, listen to today’s KITM for coverage of the latest conversational topics!

David assumed that Greg Dworkin would be visiting today, and you know what that makes you and me? Not as neglected, because Greg rounded up some issues to discuss: 

The death toll in Nice, France continues to rise. A startled Donald Trump postpones his announcement on VP… Oh, wait he just tweeted it. Mike Pence walks out on Indiana, just as its citizens were preparing a rail to run him out on. Why won’t retailers move into Trump Tower? Clevelanders hoping for a windfall go broke with Trump.

Roger Ailes accusers “coming out of the woodwork” after being boarded up there for decades.

To reduce suicides, look at guns.

David takes an extensive look at The Atlantic’s extensive look at the Secret History of Guns. Blacks are the Second Amendment’s second class citizens. Was the Second Amendment ratified to preserve slavery?