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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 16, 2021

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David Waldman, man, myth, legend, Friday, KITM, etc.:

We knew how awful and dangerous Donald Trump was before the latest books came out. We just didn’t know how noble and brave Ivanka Trump and Mike Pence were. There is a reason for that. At least Mike Pence was smart enough to turn down a 1/6 ride with the Secret Service as they wavered between being pro-USA or pro-Trump. 

A scammer raised $3.4 million with PACs that pretended to support Trump, deserving that money about as much as Trump would.

William Regnery II, of the Regnerys who financed White nationalism from the 40’s through the present has died, 80 years late. The Regnery name and philosophy live on through Regnery Publishing. The political lives of Republicans depend on publishers like Regnery, sometimes living much longer than they deserve to.

The COVID pandemic is back, because wishes don’t make it go away. Booster shots are deemed beneficial for the immunocompromised

Democrats are pushing a budget to support Joe Biden’s agenda. So far, the Dems are quite well arrayed. Republicans might be forced to vote for some of the things they plan to take credit for.