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Kagro in the Morning - July 2, 2014

Belgium sucks. Greg Dworkin says that's an anecdote, not data. We didn't overlook either of the top two "most overlooked races." And nobody's quite ready to look past Hobby Lobby. SCOTUSBlog isn't the SCOTUS, but SCOTUS is its biggest reader. Republicans begin staking out positions against renewed intervention in the mess that is Iraq. NYT says Benghazi suspect has said important things, but not what they were. Gop as "party of ideas?" A new but kind of stupid Q-Poll. Joan McCarter joins us in pondering WTF about Belgium. Hobby Lobby won't be the last birth control case, nor the end of the War on Women. Bill O'Reilly's staff stalker looks for attention by baiting us about "Beyoncé Voters." Coming up on Daily Kos: the White House issues report on Medicaid expansion. Target comes up with a gun policy. Open carry protesters say they'll ignore it. Day One of GA's "guns everywhere" law brings us a draw-down between two open carriers. Gun "success" story is underwhelming.

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