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Haul out your milk bags, grab your anisette, and start shucking those clams! David Waldman is here and he’s in the holiday mood!

GETTR is like Tinder for incels, but less useful. It is of course, backed by FCB (fugitive Chinese billionaire) Guo Wengui, aka “Miles Kwok” (No middle initial “O”, sadly.) and led by Jason Miller, AASM (Alleged Abortion Smoothie Mixologist).

The Supreme Court were getting along so well, but politics and money intruded and now the honeymoon is over. Well, they still like money in politics, so they are backing donor privacy to keep the dark money flowing.

Democrats can’t look to the Supreme Court to fix democracy. They must use the budget-reconciliation process to make voting easier.

The House passed a $760 billion proposal to fund transportation, in hopes to shift debate toward more sustainable infrastructure projects. For Republicans, it shifted their rhetoric to predicting economic disaster, just like it always has.

Critical Race Theory attacks by the Right are old hat, too.

If Kevin McCarthy wanted to, he could force Liz Cheney off the Jan 6 select committee. It would be a lot of work, easily remedied, and who cares about Kevin McCarthy?

Donald Trump's company and its chief financial officer were indicted on Thursday on multiple felony counts. For Donald and his co-conspiratorial offspring, the news sure could be worse. Good for them, the Trump Organization kept a second set of books to track their graft outlay.

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