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We would’ve won this morning’s space race had David Waldman let us clear the bird’s nest blocking the KITM World Headquarters Secret Virginia Volcano Launch Base Hideout lid. But as a result, David won’t be joining space pioneers Richard Branson’s North American Aviation X-15-level flight last week, or Jeff Bezos’ Mercury-Redstone 3-esque blastoff today. Branson’s looked kind of cool, but not a tenth as badass as an X-15. Bezos’ however, looked shockingly like... Jeff Bezos. Of course, what really mattered was who’s was the biggest.

A lot of people keep dying from COVID-19. For some of those people, it was a pretty big surprise. Marjorie Traitor Greene was suspended from Twitter for a few hours for lying about Covid. Sean Hannity took a short break from lying about Covid, then regained his composure. Donald Trump found a way to lie about vaccinations, the election, Joe Biden, and the people who point out that he lies, all in one lie.

Dolly Parton tried, everyone.  She tried.

Meanwhile, mask mandates might need to happen again, even outside.

Speaking of deadly lies, Kevin McCarthy picked his star player, Gym Jordan, to foul the way for the Republicans on the January 6 commission.  Good news, there is at least one Republican who called the riot criminal. On the other hand, there are 3 who pretended that the election was the crime.

For those keeping track, the Trump campaign has admitted a lie. Can we now just move on? The DOJ is moving on from Wilbur Ross’ lies to Congress on behalf of Trump. Actually, it was Bill Barr who moved on, before Merrick Garland even moved in.

Joan McCarter reports that Republicans want to defund the police, in this particular case, the Internal Revenue Service, potentially delaying the vote on whether or not they're ready to have a bill on which they hope to vote on eventually. Instead, Chuck Schumer will proceed today with the procedural vote to proceed on the proceedings.

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