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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 21, 2016

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David Waldman presented 8 of every 10 words live today on KITM. Hear it all, smooth and crash-free on the linked podcast.

Greg Dworkin brings us the biggest story of last night, as Donald Trump suggests that he might not honor the core tenet of the NATO alliance, unfortunately that news got overshadowed by the 3 day parade of derp. How’s the convention bump coming alongTed Cruz basks in the glow of hatred from his fellow Republicans. The reasons for Trump allowing Cruz on stage range from stupid to stupider. People are still pondering Ben Carson’s speech. What is the Republican jobs plan? Is Hillary blocking a return to the good times when minorities knew their place?  

Armando calls in to talk about the Baltic States, the Balkans, Pam Bondi and Trump’s abandonment of NATO.

Corey Lewandowski pitches Trump Super PACs, denies it, sabotages the campaign and convention, and denies that.

​Donald Trump’s in-house fall girl wrote like a ballerina.