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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 22, 2016

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David Waldman reminds you to send us money. Validate KITM’s existence for our spouses and kids that wonder why we do this each day… Now on youtube!

Donald Trump screeches out his shrill convention shriek, hitting 7.5 on the Nuremberg scale. Greg Dworkin rounded up last night’s Twitter reviews. Ted Cruz leaves the stage to boos, Donald Trump to cheers… but who were the real winners and losers

Armando joins today’s show to look back at the Trump convention, and forward to the Democratic convention. Oh wouldn’t it be great if Joe Biden stayed to be VP again? Or Elizabeth Warren! Or Sherrod Brown or Cory Booker! Or Xavier Becerra, Julián Castro, Thomas Perez, Tom Vilsack… Oh, it will probably be Tim Kaine.

Read up on Donald Trump’s warm up act, Stephen Miller, to get a glimpse of the soul of his campaign.

David examines how expense policies are still gender biased.