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Donald Trump shambles across a unending barber pole of red lines, over and over and over and over. Today he walks over a few more… or is it the same one? David Waldman welcomes Greg Dworkin to help unroll those transgressions and spread them out for our study.

Is the camel’s back already broken, somewhere under that mountain of straw? Are the Bigs starting to accept the unimaginable? Or can they will back their ignorance after last week’s dissonance? Conservatives begin to yearn for the good old days. Trump’s glass is only half full of treason right now, but it isn’t going to get any emptier either. We are witnessing the death of a superpower, but the credibility of the foreign-policy establishment died long ago.

Democratic candidates are assured that if Brett Kavanaugh’s Roe stance isn’t effective in their area, there is still plenty wrong with Kavanaugh to go around.

Seriously smart people impart their wisdom to us yokels: James Comey likes Ike, and decides that you need to. Ryan Cooper has uncovered a growing Trump-Russia scandal he calls “Russiagate”.  When Hillary Clinton pointed out that Donald was Putin’s puppet, journalists reminded us that “puppet” is a very funny word.

Presidential Apprentice spinoffs: The pilot episode of Michael Cohen and Trump’s new series has dropped, and is sure to be a long-running hit. The Maria Butina show started out about sex, but now looks like it is about Russian money, and sex. The Trump-Gop-Russia alliance is a natural. TMZ reports that the Manhattan Madam is in talks for a comeback. Donald give a thumbs down to the Carter Page saga, but that’s just fake news.

Grammar lessons: The importance of oxford commas.  The handiness of double negatives.

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