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As of press time, Donald Trump’s binky had not yet fallen underneath his highchair, freeing up David Waldman to concentrate on the regrettably evergreen topic of #GunFAIL: A Utah mom won’t be charged for leaving a loaded handgun—with a round in the chamber & the safety off—on a diaper changing table outside of a children’s play area with a posted “no weapons” policy, because she didn’t mean to forget, which is an argument the DA just couldn’t overcome.

Oh, and there was a recent mass shooting we didn’t get around to talking about, in the far-away land of “Canada”, which is only noticeable as mass shootings tend to have more than one victim shot at a time.

The Trump Gop/Russia alliance is a natural alliance, but not coincidentally so is the neo-Confederate/Russian white nationalist... white “transnationalist”… white power alliance.

Those meddling, playful jokesters over in Russia have gained the ability to turn off the US power grid,  probably just for lulz.

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