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Another "encore performance" from a year ago, our first show back on the air after the late-June Derecho storm. Greg Dworkin brought us the first round of polling following the Supreme Court's ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act, as well as the first of the early summer polling indicating that the strategy of focusing on Bain Capital was in fact resonating with the electorate, even after the Ed Rendells and Cory Bookers of the world had tried to warn Dems off from it. Meteor Blades also makes an appearance, discussing his efforts to boost voter turnout and fight voter suppression in the American Indian community. In the second hour of the show, we turned to the emerging Romney stories regarding Bain Capital and his offshore tax haven accounts. Armando joined in as well, on the Republican governorns then threatening to fight post-ACA Medicare expansion, the historical paradox of the Tea Party being named for anti-corporate activism, Mitt Romney's Lake Winnipesaukee vacation, the upcoming London Olympics and more.

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