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Wow, people sure behave idiotically around the 4th of July... especially the idiots. Smart people will listen to today’s KITM as David Waldman catches us up on the holiday weekend and sets us up for the holiday week.

Particularly smart Greg Dworkin continues to focus on the Republican quest to destroy Obamacare and move profits to rich people. They don’t like to call it that, because voters wouldn’t want to hear that. Credit the local press for telling it like it is. The Gop got themselves into this because it was winning them elections. Now that they are being held to their promises, they are dropping the “improve” promises, and keeping the “destroy” ones. Polls are showing this strategy could crush Senate Republicans. Alas, Senate Republicans need to destroy things until 2020 before they’re in trouble.

Maybe the Democrats shouldn’t totally rely on the Republican’s destructive behavior to build the Democratic brand, as Americans' confidence in institutions starts to edge up. Trump’s enemy are any public institutions not centered on him. That’s why the White House daily briefing is in such trouble, because insane tweets and comments are directly profitable, and his voters absolutely do not care. CNN should have stood by its reporters.

Another fake “patriot” accidentally discharged, at a fake uprising, with a possibly un-”patriotic” flag, his real gun. Maybe he was this guy?

The Pence-Kobach crackdown on voting is going as well as expected, with even Kris Kobach refusing to comply.

Why weren’t Ryan & McConnell worried that Russian interference would hurt Republicans? Because they knew it wouldn’t. Here is how one gets recruited to collude.

Trump contractors were being screwed long before us, still are, and will be for a long time to come.

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