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David Waldman makes it back to us with a live show today.

So, did you blow a hole in yourself or someone this weekend? If so, you are not alone. The second amendment is pretty outdated.

6 months ago Mo Brooks gave a warm-up speech to insurrectionists in front of the White House. Today, Brooks says he was “just following orders”, although those were orders he enthusiastically agreed with. Trump was attempting a military coup, but fortunately Trump is bad at doing things. Still, the Big Lie is now an element of 4th of July parades. Texas is forgetting the Alamo. Kyle Rittenhouse statues can’t be far behind, as long as bigoted fear can be stroked by Disney’s choice of pronouns.

Former cop/January 6 thug Thomas Robertson was released from custody on the condition that he not possess firearms, so he bought 34 more and started assembling pipe bombs.

Good news! If you got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine you probably don’t need a Pfizer booster against the Delta variant. However, if you got the Pfizer vaccine

A police officer tried playing Taylor Swift so that YouTube would block any videos he was recorded in. It didn’t work, so maybe he could try altering his uniform.

Joan McCarter is here with the weather update: IT’S STILL HOT! The Northwest is becoming unbearable, literally, as people start to die and the West becomes a desert. Climate change is an existential threat, but remains somehow debatable as part of infrastructure. Meanwhile, ExxonMobil is throwing something slightly under the billion dollars they expect in taxes at lobbying efforts to help make bills and people wither away. Fox’s new weather channel only measures the fair and balanced temperature in their studio.

Pelosi and Schumer, come back! Your country needs you and all the decent people back to Congress asap. You don’t even need to physically come back, as proxy voting and hybrid hearings are working pretty well. Even Republicans understand the value of proxy voting, although they won’t admit it.

Gettr’s getting what it deserves.

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