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Kagro in the Morning - July 8, 2015

Is the sky falling? Blowing up? Going Galt? David’s guests urge us to calm down. Greg Dworkin discusses Dave Weigel’s recent article on Rand Paul’s Maharishi Effect. Should progressives be for Hillary or Bernie or Policy? The hole in Paul LePage’s pocket. The Confederate flag as a political issue, and gun safety as a public safety issue. And is China, Greece and the rest of the world in financial free fall, or not? David wonders if the shooting in San Francisco is a #gunfail or something else. Joan McCarter urges us to cheer up and be thankful for last week, although more trouble for Obamacare is heading our way, and more trouble for our infrastructure, and more trouble for our country’s finances. Arliss Bunny returns to suggest that we just take a couple deep breaths and relax about this China thing.

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