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Enough! Way more than enough, and yet somehow not hardly enough.

David Waldman chronicles the destruction and potential rebirth of America with added light repartee:

This weekend, Donald Trump tweeted out his betaness in all caps, while hiding in the basement, and cowering in the dark, tears running down his eyes like a dog, hoping in vain that his cosplay cavalry would charge to his rescue. Today, he squealed at alphas to do something now or else. Beta-beta Tom Cotton figures mowing down the first row or two of protesters should fix things.

Greg Dworkin picks through the bad apples to sort out the good. Some orchards are bad right down to the roots.

Greg tells us that presidential election prospects are looking very good for Joe Biden. Not meI don't want to jinx things. However, Greg does have some good points. Joe Biden should take into account present events while considering a woman of color to be his vice president—and he should take time to make that decision.

It is not 1968. Riots will not help Trump's reelection campaign, because nothing could ever happen that would ever make Donald Trump seem more like a leader to anyone, and comparisons with Joe Biden will just seem more silly by the day. Misinformation however, is guaranteed to exceed Nixonian levels.

Meanwhile, the Overton mail slot is moving to a more vote-by-mail friendly location.

Oh, and there is the COVID-19 thing. Coronavirus could be a blood vessel disease, which could explain everything. Nearly 6 in 10 aren’t ready to resume pre-pandemic activities. Protesters actually do care about the wellbeing of others. Trump couldn’t care less about West Point cadets. Donald cares enough about Brazil to send the very worst.

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