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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 1, 2021

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It was a big day for follow-ups on stories we’ve discussed earlier.

First, a new attempt at a GQP freak-out, thanks to Marjorie Traitor Greene. Then, a reminder that these outrages aren’t real. They’re just like GQP Facebook targeted ad messaging tests. Spit them out as fast as you can make them up, then see what sticks.

And about that Ryan Air flight forced down over Belarus? It still sucks, but... there’s a “but.”

And about that Texas voter suppression bill? It still sucks, but… there’s a “but.”

And about that Maricopa County fraudit? It still sucks, but… soon it will suck worse.

And about that pandemic? Some of the things that happened didn’t necessarily suck.

And about Sean Hannity? He still sucks.

And finally, about that lie that cops didn’t use tear gas to clear the way for Trump’s Lafayette Square/St. John’s photo op? It’s still a lie. But now the Biden DOJ is defending the cop riot, anyway.

Then, Joan McCarter called. And she didn’t lie once! We got the inside scoop on Idaho’s hottest story: the dueling executive orders of Gov. Brad Little and rogue Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin. Thanks to Joan, we know that this isn’t the first time Idaho’s had to deal with this f*cknuttery!

Last Friday’s filibuster of the Jan. 6th commission could’ve gone very differently. And maybe all filibusters from now on should. But in the meantime, what next for the investigation?