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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 10, 2021

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin successfully delivered the Thursday KITM, pausing only a couple of times when their boom mikes magnetically sucked onto their foreheads

Perils of Big Government: Louie Gohmert asked the Bureau of Land Management if they could move the Moon for him, and someone parked it right in front of the Sun. The government (probably Anthony Fauci) installed 5G and magnets in our vaccines, which sounds kind of nice, but has known risks.

Like Jake LaMotta with a few more concussions, Donald Trump passes out bar tickets at Mar-a-Lago funerals. Lauren Boebert hasn’t got what it takes to win The Presidential Apprentice.

If COVID would “Darwin out” only the deserving, things might be fine. Unfortunately, those unvaccinated pockets breed and release pernicious variants as if they were some kind of mismanaged virology labs. Therefore, there’s just no room for laissez-faire attitudes toward pandemics when all of our comrades are in danger. Every newly vaccinated person protects the remaining unvaccinated.

Terry McAuliffe’s primary victory in Virginia reflects the strength of the Democratic Party establishment. The Mayor’s race in NYC is a battle of progressives though. Was Bold Joe Biden a mirage? If Biden wants to hold on to what he’s got, he has no choice but to get even bolder. Kyrsten Sinema now has her chance to show us how this bipartisanism stuff works. Joe Manchin isn’t looking for bipartisan votes, because he doesn’t see his voters as being Democratic. Mitch McConnell hasn’t given up hope that someone will pull his finger just one more time.

Joe Manchin’s brand is being “unpersuadable”. You can try to persuade him, but he isn’tNonetheless, laws that mandate supermajorities/bipartisanship, such as a proposed amendment to the Electoral Count Act are logical, shame the hypocritical, and have the added benefit of perhaps fixing the unconstitutionality of the law.

The police didn’t tear gas and beat protesters just so Donald Trump could strut around Lafayette Square with a bible. That was an unintended bonus. A slow and orderly evacuation of the square for contractors wouldn’t have met Trump’s tight schedule, and the boys really would have missed their chance to crack some BLM skulls.