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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 10, 2022

David Waldman watched the first primetime hearing of the select committee on the January 6 insurrection, so you don’t have to! However, if you didn’t watch it, you sure missed a lot. The presentation was historic, important, emotional, devastating and even pretty exciting after a bit.

If you didn’t watch, no insult, but you sort of have Fox News’ back, along with Fox friends around the media and in politics, for your help running interference. But... What about BenghaziChappaquiddick, and tortillas? What about the Blacks? Ah, the meltdown has just begun

By the way, Donald Trump only let Ivanka hang around the White House because she was hot. When it was man-talk time her rump was patted, and Ivanka went right out the door.  Of course, the other Ivanka, Jared, also avoided ugly stress lines by excusing himself when the talk got too rough.

Future committee guest Peter Navarro reported that the FBI were just like Nazis, but without all the Nazi stuff.

It does look as if big dummy Mark Meadows will also have a starring role in upcoming hearings. Meanwhile, none of this should overshadow the House committee hearing on gun violence, where everyone got to smell what Murdery Traitor Green had cooking. There was temporary gun violence memorial unveiled in DC, but how can you memorialize something if it never goes away?