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Standing atop the parapet along the highest ramparts of Fort KagroDavid Waldman calls reveille for the final KITM of this week. David will be absent this Friday to undergo a colonoscopy. Who knew Antifa membership eligibility standards were so stringent?

Greg Dworkin calls in with the latest. In his recent tweets, Donald Trump congratulated his crack SS troops for their successful blitzkrieg on the BLM while reminding us that those who need to preserve the Confederacy want to repeat it. That just means it will have to fall again, then. This is the worst PR campaign for the National Guard since they had Neil Young write their jingle music. Gassing peaceful demonstrators is never a good look, but it turns out that neither is a forced Bible photo op. So, how can Trump top this week? How about a white power rally on Juneteenth at the site of mass graves of an infamous race massacre

Trump could just go back to the bunker and remain an impotent bystander, but no, the road calls to him. His advisers want him to quit driving into ditches, but why bother when his highway ends off a cliff? Donald can't change the subject to something he's competent in if he's incompetent in all things. Therefore, Trump demands an apology . The forecast is as sunny as Joe Biden's smile

Meanwhile, Trump will pardon Michael Spy Flynn, as the judge knows a ridiculous ploy when he sees one, just as a mob prosecutor knows a mobster when he sees one, and anyone who has seen  William Barr and Donald Trump knows gross abusers when they see them.

The loon accused of assaulting girls on a bicycle trail probably didn't completely hide his behavior from his coworkers, just like George Floyd's killer never really hid his.

If you think a mask is uncomfortable, try a lung transplant.

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