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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 11, 2021

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It’s Friday, the day we look forward to David Waldman pulling out his old KITM ukulele for a couple of hours of “wiki wakki wooing” us into our weekend… But, as too often happens nowadays, some heinous act of political corruption comes along, necessitating that we toss our dependable ballads and shanties and just dig back into the news:

Well, they finally got to the bottom of that wiretapping story. It turns out to be Republican projection, kind of like it always does. The Department of Justice, under Jeff Sessions, then Bill Barr, and of course Donald Trump, had directly investigated Democratic members of Congress... and their kids. The DOJ subpoenaed Apple, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and others, for phone and email records, including the phone data from at least one minor child, then placed everyone under a gag order to cover up its actions. At the time this was happening, William Barr testified that he “didn’t know” if Trump told him to do this. Today, Barr “doesn’t recall”.

There hasn’t been a worse AG than William Barr, but the question is, is Merrick Garland any better? Merrick is not casting any blame at the moment, which doesn’t make all of this “no one’s fault”, instead it increasingly is making it all Merrick Garland’s fault.
Over and over again, Donald Trump commits crimes for which he should be convicted. Democracy can not stand if Trump is not held accountable. Well, Trump and the last few Republican administrations, and probably the next few.