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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 13, 2022

It’s Day Two of the January 6th Select Committee coup hearings. Yes, they are “history” and all, but first you need to hit pause, and listen to what David Waldman and Greg Dworkin have to say, so you know your silcrows from your pilcrows going in.

Thursday’s hearing was about dishonor... Trump’s and his party’s. That, and plenty of actual crimes, should anyone care to do anything about it. The Committee keeps up the good work today, holding Trump and friends accountable for the Big Lie that brought on the insurrection. and following the Big Lie money. The people who brought us the Big Lie attempt to simultaneously continue lying and suppress dialog about January 6. Steve KG Bannon is “fuming” over the first day of hearings (it might just be his usual biomass outgassing.)

Fired Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt told people then and is telling them now that Trump is a loser, while Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien was scheduled to appear before the committee today, but his wife is giving birth. Uhm, congratulations?

In his undelivered final speech, President John Kennedy had a warning about Donald Trump. (That speech has been rescheduled to this weekend.)

Hundreds of firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition were found on the insurrectionists on January 6. Good news, incrementalists! After 3 decades, legislation mitigating gun violence is progressing right on schedule!

White nationalists from the Patriot Front took a false conspiracy smear on Antifa and were apprehended trying it out for real in Idaho, loading their proudly lily-white troops into a U-Haul to attack a pride parade.

Russia isn’t just committed to filling mass graves in Ukraine; their plan is to fill graves throughout the developing world and ship the survivors to Siberia.