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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 14, 2022

Today’s show kicks off just 25 hours shy of the start of the next round of January 6th hearings. Or does it?!

The second hearing scored some additional points, including what we’ll call the launch of the Big Ripoff theme. The impact of the hearings is certainly being felt, even among the book-writing crowd.

In Big Lie news, Big Liar Jenna Ellis has joined the Big Lie-centered campaign of Doug Mastriano.

Busted Idaho neo-Nazi will need to find his own Lebensraum.

Correction: “Proud” Boys frightening the children (in order to save them from being frightened at) Drag Queen Story Hour were not Florida Men.

Lunatic Big Liar Michael Gableman goes nuts in court, gets himself held in contempt. By the court. Not just me. And yes, it’s absolutely part and parcel of the Trump Big Lie.

January 6th made no sense to begin with. But it definitely wouldn’t have made any sense if it weren’t for the increasingly stupid-looking Electoral College. And Joan McCarter, now calling from one of several Portlands, largely agrees.

Speaking of agreeing, Joan says it’s time to get serious about impeaching Clarence Thomas. No, no one thinks they have the votes to remove him that way. But it does have the ability to make expanding the Court look less radical by comparison. (Even though there’s nothing radical about removing insurrectionists and those who harbor them. That’s a conservative thing to do!)

Lastly, it should be known that Mike Lee is a puke.