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David Waldman welcomes Greg Dworkin to today’s KITM, and golly, do they have a lot to tell you:

The day after Juneteenth, millions will pack into historic Tulsa, Oklahoma’s BOK center to witness Donald Trump, cofounder with Abraham Lincoln of the Black Lives Matter movement, roll victoriously down his entrance ramp. Tulsa lays out the unwelcome mat.

Black lives matter. Change is sweeping the world. People are listening, finally. Why is this time different? Eight minutes, forty six seconds. George Floyd can’t be ignored. George Floyd can’t be spun. We can fix this. Even the “he/she’s no angel” talking point might be on it’s way out.

The Supreme Court finds it can’t vote against civil rights and equality, yet.

Reform, defund, or unbundle police, this has become a kitchen table conversation in America now.  Half of America want funds redirected, and that number is growing, but before determining what to cut, first someone should look into what police really do.

COVID-19 is still killing people everywhere. The virus doesn’t care about your lockdown fatigue. State openings are backfiring, as we begin to feel the symptoms of too-early relaxing of social distancing. It is possible to open safely, if we want to. A moral, just and healthy society would be possible if we actually wanted oneTalking about racism must be a part of health care. By the way, COVID-19 is not the flu.

Things are looking good for Joe Biden. Very good. That could worry Republicans. It could worry Democrats too, because that’s how they roll. Independents are heading to Biden. Women are already there, and feeling better about Joe than Hillary.

Dr. Amy “Action” Acton is out… but returns as Dr. Amy “Back in Action” Acton! Sesame Street is certainly a lot friendlier than her home street. Dr. Nicole Quick stars in an unfortunate misogynistic sequel.

NYT’s star reporter David Barstow wins Pulitzers and makes money, but not friends writing on Donald Trump’s taxes. Who’s Mary Trump? We’re all going to find out a lot more about Donald’s least favorite niece with her new tell-all book coming out this August.

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