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Kagro in the Morning - June 16, 2015

Greg Dworkin notes that Pope Francis is set to become the first pope to address a joint session of Congress. Could it be about climate change? Did Chris Christie pardon a gun crime to get 2nd Amendment creds? Trump's in! Pundits react to Jeb!'s announcement. Today's Hillary roundup, and the strange case of the reporter excluded from her coverage pool. Time out in the TPA game? Are Tea Partiers persuadable on it? Climate deniers really are the usual suspects. Just for fun, here's video from the 2010 Netroots Nation panel including Greg and the subject of the previous article, Naomi Oreskes. Gideon has a question that gave us a chance to explain Congressional conference reports. Another story at the intersection of technology and constitutional law scares the crap out of us. States that say they hate Common Core are replacing it, with Shmommon Shmore, basically.

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