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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 17, 2022

No hearings today, so David Waldman sweeps up the week's remnants before the next week’s craziness falls.

John Eastman is a bad lawyer, but more importantly, Eastman is a bad guy. Unfortunately for John Eastman, he turned out to be very bad at being a bad guy, and even worse at timing his getaway. Is it too late for John to get on the pardon list?

The people who want to spin themselves as Team Normal are still Team Complicit, and we know which team Mike Pence is on. Team Ignoramus is still on the field. Gym Jordan can’t afford to drive over and testify. Greg Steube saw images magically floating around the hearing, and knew his guns were no match. Donald Trump keeps saying anyone who crosses him will get hurt, and yet you people keep pushing him. Those who believe lying and stupidity just couldn’t possibly win this time really haven’t been paying attention.

A couple more secret kids of Hershel Walker turned up. Nothing matters.

Bennie Thompson believes it’s time, at some point, soon, in the next few weeks, to invite Ginni Thomas to talk, if she wants, and if not, well, we’ll see what happens.

Insurrectionist Dr. Simone Gold asked her judge if he knew who he was talking to. Yep, seems that he did. Will the credentials of Simone’s SO, international underwear model John Strand, be taken into account?

Ron DeSantis has a million doses of hydroxychloroquine hitting their sell-by dates and isn’t interested in any vaccines for Florida children.

In international spy news, the intelligence and security service for the Netherlands, AVID, has exposed a Russian espionage network operating in their country, notably international spy Viktor Muller Ferreira AKA Sergey Vladimirovich Cherkasov, who had been posing as an intern but was secretly working for GRU, Russian military intelligence.

Right-wing parent groups oppose mental health in schools, their natural enemy.