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David Waldman brings Greg Dworkin on to today’s KITM to give us what for… and why, how and where:

John Bolton betrayed his country. Lots! And, this time it was for a book deal. Either the book deal, or that he came too late to itIf Bolton had testified earlier wonderful things could have happened, but probably wouldn’t have, because as always a Republican’s priority is to themselves, and thus to Donald Trump. We already knew Trump was treasonous, just now we’re haggling on how much.

Joe Biden is making his first TV ad buy of the general election, continuing his “Soul of America” message, a message growing more important every day. The Trump campaign counterpoint is to make a few Nazi references and call it a day.

Perhaps this is enough. After all, Gop officials are talking a Trump landslide. So, are the polls skewed again? They’d have to be pretty skewed to bury Biden’s 8 point national lead, including up to double-digit leads in battleground states. The electoral map hasn’t changed that much.

Can Donald Trump lie his way out of a pandemic rap? Sure! He already has. But can his lies stay ahead of the rise of infection and death? We should have an idea, in just a few weeks. So far, mask-wearing in public has saved hundreds of thousands.

More not-antifa Boogaloo bois were caught planning murder and mayhem. Also discovered with a cache of guns in his car, hotel room and office—former Kansas secretary of state, grifter Kris Kobach.

Google, Facebook and Twitter have stringent terms of service rules, to make you happy. To make important people happy, they waive those rules.

If Donald ever gets his hands on the guy that snitched about him hiding in his bunker… well, he’ll… probably show him his bone spurs or something. Donald Trump takes credit for Juneteenth.

When black women flipped a white school board, the State of Georgia arrested them and charged them with 120 separate felony counts of voter fraud.

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