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Kagro in the Morning - June 19, 2014

We started out by taking a look at one of the underreported details from last weekend's high school reunion shooting in East Peoria, IL. Yes, an off-duty FBI agent shot down the shooter. But apparently he shot just as another person was about to tackle the shooter. What might have happened? Who cares! Story over! Greg Dworkin collected stories making the case that John McCain is out of touch & no one cares what he says. Same with Cheney, and even Fox News knows it. Iraq in disarray, so why won't Obama lead & fix it already? Speaking of which, Norm Ornstein addresses polarization. Armando offers his observations on the DC football franchise, Iraq, upcoming SCOTUS decisions, and newspapers plan a new online comment system. Ours, sort of. NYT ends The Gun Report, and there's a labor backstory there. But Times editors say it was just getting boring or something. All the more reason for GunFAIL to continue.

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