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Kagro in the Morning - June 2, 2016

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Trump’s grumpy about something new. The PGA moved a big golf event from one of his courses, because sponsors don’t want to be associated with the Trump name. But so far, that hasn’t distracted people from the Trump “University” story.

Greg Dworkin reminds us that the last primaries are looming.

Oklahoma pay-to-play “cop” gets 4 years for mistaking his gun (which he shouldn’t have had) for his Taser (which he shouldn’t have had) and killing an unarmed suspect. It was a story that GunFAIL helped go national (which we shouldn’t have had to).

An extremely weedy fight breaks out, again, over the DNC platform committee, and there are no good answers about it yet.

And in just one more Trump story, one of his “great deals” might be coming back to bite him (in a minor way).

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