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Today is Friday, also known as “Do Whatever the Hell You Want” Day at KITM. Today you’ll especially enjoy what the hell David Waldman wanted to do, which is invite Arliss Bunny, co-creator of the Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss Bunny podcast to converse about how modern monetary theory and practice influences everything going on today. Well, maybe not Donald Trump, who is a dumb baby, or his followers, who never met a snowflake they didn’t want to torture. MMT influences them, they just may not know it yet. Plenty of CEOs and world leaders do understand however, and are making plans to move forward without us.

Want to be a smart bunny that also understands this stuff? You can! For less than three bucks! Cheap! Just let the hardcore attend international Modern Monetary Theory conferences, you can add Hopping Mad to your lineup of informative podcasts. Their upcoming guest is Progressive communicator Carolyn Fiddler, check them out!

Also check out the rest of today’s show! David brings us plenty of things to think about over the weekend: Russia is happy to continue practicing their spy craft, even if we are slacking off. The FEC might get around to investigating Russian agents using Facebook to influence the election. No Trump EO specifically telling Democrats to screw themselves, but they are moving in that direction. The New York Post claims the Lincoln Bedroom is not a new red light district.

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