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It was all smooth sailing for today’s Raft o’ Stories™ from Greg Dworkin.

Good news on unmasking the vaccinated! It doesn’t appear to have had significant spillover effects resulting in any spike in infections. Bad news (maybe) on additional reconciliation bills. The Senate parliamentarian has more thoughts.

News from the Q-ological world: a new taxonomy of Q loons has been put forward. As with the coronavirus, this illness appears to spread in church.

Elsewhere in crazy, Israel is attempting to sort out its governance, and, uh… here is a thing that people once thought, I guess, about girls and the news.

Although maybe it’s not entirely off-base, considering what some people do with the news. Like, pretend that a real thing is that there’s a park in Seattle that’s “too woke.” A park. Not a person. A park.

About that Texas voter suppression bill, was it all just one big misunderstanding, gosh darn it? If so, why is the governor—who is terrible—so determined to see it through? And speaking of terrible people trying to see things through for no particular reason, there’s more to know about that wacky  Kushner/MBS plan to “reshape the Middle East.” Specifically, what’s behind the Saud-ish interest in custodianship of Haram al-Sharif, and why they’d want Jordan out of the picture.

Finally, a quick tour of some Trump crime spree hot spots: the DC hotel is up for sale, again; Trump, caught with his pants down both literally and figuratively, has someone else thrown under the bus (again); Trump’s stupid blog, where he’s recently been inciting more sedition, is suddenly shut down because reasons.

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