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There are not so many links to articles today. That’s because most of today’s KITM exclusively originates from the minds of David Waldman and Armando. The really important link you need is the one to listen to the show above! 

Trumpcare, life-or-death for millions, one-sixth of the economy, is a secret to almost all but lobbyists. It is despised by both Mike Pence and John Cornyn (in theory). It is probably worse than the House bill, as it is masterminded by the world’s most evil turtle, who does not care if he is breaking the Senate, because Republicans need a win at any cost. David and Armando discuss how to raise the price.

Meanwhile Trump is a pragmatic survivor, defiling, infecting, polluting, crippling whenever he finds an opportunity. Devin Nunes didn’t really say he was “recusing” himself when he was “stepping aside” on any “conflicts of interest”.

Rosalyn MacGregor reports from Michigan that Republican Gov. Rick Snyder and the GOP legislation “agreed in concept” on a  “tentative framework”… oh who are we kidding?  Snyder will cave and kill teacher pensions.

Call up your blue, or even possibly blue friends in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District today! Your help might offset a dirty trick or two.

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