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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 21, 2021

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It’s SummerDavid Waldman was set to do his opening monologue while reenacting the old “Coppertone Kid” billboard with Abby, but it turns out we don’t have a video component to KITM. (He still did it.)

Greg Dworkin tells us that the introduction of a federal Juneteenth holiday at least got people to thinking, which is quite a lot to ask from some people. Are Republicans that ignorant, or is it just an act? If it is, most of them turn out Olivier/Streep level performances each day. South Carolina lawmakers allow their workers to chose between Juneteenth and Confederate Memorial Day, as some can pick between Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Robert E. Lee’s birthday, because some are just, uhm,”fans”?  Brian Kemp will decide how much the holiday really means to you.

Arizona election analysis found former Donald Trump fans moved over to Joe Biden. We’ll see how many Trump fans are true followers in the North Carolina Senate primary. Few are fans of watching Joe Manchin get owned. Perhaps even Manchin is a little tired of it.

If ranked-choice voting has anything to do with voting against the people that you think suck, it should be a good fit with New Yorkers.

The Covid Delta variant has grown to a third of all US coronavirus cases in just 11 days. On the other hand, the US is hitting encouraging milestones on virus deaths and shots according to the CDC. How can we tell what is good or bad news? David has noticed that things just aren’t adding up at Missouri suddenly started appearing at the top of their list for new cases, while Florida sometimes pops to the top of the new reported cases list, and sometimes doesn’t. Inept? Deceitful? Probably! The Trump administration hit all the bases

“Italy Gate” is not the summer special at Olive Garden, it’s much worse. Then again, even the biggest, craziest Trump election conspiracy theories are merely Republican election conspiracy theories at their core. Old-hand Hans Von Spakovsky is trotted out whenever the GQP requires expert nonsense. Mansion-squatting realtor/Somali pirate mediator/Congressional candidate/serial “re-inventor” Michele Roosevelt Edward/Michele Ballarin/Michele Golden-Ballarin could be even more expert.