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Kagro in the Morning - June 22, 2016

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David Waldman announced that KITM was back to its regular, normal, ready-for-prime-time state, and as you’d expect, the live feed went away shortly after. Tap the player above for the full show!

Ivanka Trump promotes a new niche super-PAC for those that don’t like her dad, but really don’t like Hillary Clinton. Is she on Trump payroll? Dump Trump gets a second wind.

Greg Dworkin brings us the polls and the news:

Donald Trump finds that he needs to decide whether to be wacky for his wacko supporters, maybe do that pivot into that “presidential campaign”, or to just go gull the rubes as he always has.  

The super delegate debate rages on, for the next few years probably.

Marco Rubio runs back to Florida’s rescue, in his own special way.

Joan McCarter also notes that little ghoul Rubio has decided to profit from the Orlando Slaughter.  

Republicans run government not so much like a business by coming up with the same Obamacare replacement after 6 years.  

Joan and David discuss the senate votes on gun measures. Susan Collins came up with a “terror gap compromise, at least the NRA waited for her announcement before telling senators not to vote for it. Mitch McConnell wants to protect your Second Amendment rights, to hell with the Fourth. Georgia Rep. John Lewis is leading a sit-in on the House floor today to push Republicans to address gun violence in the legislative chamber.

Today, Trump attempts to dig out of his deep hole with an attack on Clinton.

Guns attract crime to Atlanta Public Schools.

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