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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 22, 2021

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On today’s KITM, David Waldman tears back into the Sfogliatelle of “Italy Gate”, this time focusing on Michele Edwards, aka Michele Roosevelt Edwards, aka Michele Ballarin, aka Michele Lynn Golden, aka Michele Lynn Golden-Ballarin... heiress, struggling single mother, Ukrainian-Somalian pirate negotiator, defunct airline proprietor, realtor, mansion squatter, and Munchausen-level fabulator whose every syllable rings fake, and is of course, key to Republican’s return to respectability. Michele is due another last name and another “reinvention”, probably next as the host of The Apprentice. Remember Tareq Salahi? The guy who crashed a White House dinner in 2009? He did several stupid things after that, too. Eh, it’s a living.

Kevin McCarthy couldn’t explain how he could maintain his Trump-brown nose if Donald took his job. Donald wanted the DOJ to take out SNL. Trump is mad that Mayor Bill de Blasio would take a guy’s golf course away just for treason.

Joan McCarter calls in to explain how no one likes regressive taxation, including Joe Biden, who is taking a hard line on using popular progressive tax plans to pay for popular infrastructure projects, which would sound like a no-brainer, and exactly what the Republican Senate would fight against. Infrastructure, voting rights, you name it and Joe Manchin will be happy to pound his head against the wall over it. The Democratic Senate is just about done watching him, and Chuck Schumer is moving on. Kyrsten Sinema goes out with a bang and a curtsy, writing an op-ed presenting herself as an independent-minded Democrat who embraces Jim Crow politics and Republicanism.

Joan has some good news, describing the process and procedure of using Newt Gingrich’s tool of destruction, the Congressional Review Act, to take out onerous Trump-era rules.