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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 24, 2020

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Is it possible that more Americans are beginning to understand Black LIves Matter and other messages, and that a less bigoted America are finding less advantage in a Trump presidency? Perhaps, overall, we are becoming less schmucks, so now we better understand the value of a mensch. Speaking of, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin offer us a fine new KITM, tachlis:

Donald Trump is at the “running away bawling insults” stage of surrendering to Covid-19. Death rates are still rising, more young people are becoming infected, and they are due to have an awful time. 138,000 years of life lost, and rising. The nation is on its knees.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott would definitely prefer droves of people weren’t dying in his state, but what can he do? 45 ICUs full in Florida, but who’s counting? Rebekah Jones, Florida Covid-19 data scientist in exile, is still keeping track, and still knows people on the inside telling her they are being forced to cook the books. Coronavirus and more await the RNC conventioneers coming to Jacksonville.

Trump does have his plate full at the moment.

Right now, Joe Biden is very likely to beat Donald Trump. Unfortunately right now, it’s not the election… Common wisdom is that these things will narrow, but not if Donald Trump has anything to say about it. Since his inauguration, Trump has given his all to deliver a Biden landslide, and he shows no sign of giving up. Never Trumpers might be trouble in 2024, but they are never Trump now.

Attention statue topplers: Always read the accompanying historical plaque before breaking the seal. There are many ways for protesters to shoot themselves in the foot, but one chose the regular way. And, there are Black armed protesters are showing up in Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, politics have somehow crept into jurisprudence. Roger Stone prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky believes William Barr might have something to do with it, as does the New York City Bar Association. Spy Michael Flynn gets sprung. China pays for access to Trump. Imaad Zuberi bought access, and might get in trouble. Louie Gohmerts. All good, all good...